2022/05/03 : On Landscape interview

The prestigious On Landscape online magazine published an interview with me. It is available only for subscribers on the following link:

Thank you Michéla Griffith and the On Landscape team!

2021/11/23 : 100ASA interview

100ASA published today an interview with me, some interesting questions and answers about my photographic journey:

Thank you Claudio Sericano!!

2021/03/17 : Facelift

After 10 years the time has come to a major upgrade for this website, in all aspects, except for the content of course, which is evolving constantly. In addition, a smartphone version will be finished these days. But basically it was optimised for big screen visualization, which is the only means I recommend to use.

2021/01/24 : Instagram

From now on you can find me on Instagram as well:

2020/12/08 : PHOTOCOOLT interview

In the third episode of the Photocoolt interview series I was invited for a friendly talk about my landscape photography work. The chat can be found on Youtoube, is in Romanian language, with english subtitles.

2020/12/08 : TerraQuantum interview

I was asked for an interview by TerraQuantum, I enjoyed answering these interesting questions. If you would like to find some background information about my photographs, feel free to check it out:

2020/02/21 : 1X interview

My latest interview for 1X seem to be the most complete, you can find here everything about me and my photographs. I really enjoyed to answer these interesting questions.

2020/02/03 : 100ASA

From now on you can also find my photos on 100ASA photographic platform, where I was honoured being invited as a curator.

The link:

2020/02/03 : Publications

Several more of my photos got published on TerraQuantum:

and 1X:

2019/02/15 : The Forest

Three of my images will be exposed as part of the Forona Nature Photograpy Group's project "The Forest". The special outdoor prints will be mounted in Brasov city's centre (Piata Sfatului) between 27 February - 15 March. Details (romanian only):

2018/10/09 : Photokina exposition

One of my pictures, probably the most appreciated one ("Thin air") was exposed at the Photokina 2018, being part of the Hahnemuhle booth (many thanks for that, Hahnemuhle!).

2018/07/09 : Exposition in Hungary

My two printed image series, "Elements" and "Monochrome Landscapes" was exposed together in Vámospércs Community Centre, Hungary from 06 July.

2018/07/09 : Trierenberg Super Circuit 2018

Four of my photographs was accepted in the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2018. Two of them was published in their printed catalogue.

2018/04/12 : Article "Mondorama"

Romanian photography website Mondorama published a portfolio presentation article with my photographs. The description is in romanian language but english version is available too.

2018/03/28 : Exposition Forona

Two of my photos were exposed in Forona's group exposition entitled "Apa" ("The Water"). The exposition was open air in the city centre of Brasov between 28 February and 13 March.

2018/02/15 : International Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2017

One of my images ("Thin air") finished to second place on the "Landscape Photograph Of The Year" 2017 contestI usually don't like photo contests, but this one for me was always an exception. Each year I visited  ILPOTY winner's gallery, I saw unbelievable, top-of-the-top photographs, maybe the only (landscape related) contest where really the best ones won. Now for the first time i decided to try it myself, though I never believed my images belong among the winners (I targeted rather the top101). Thank you ILPOTY for the honour, to see my photo for a little while among the best ones.

2017/12/28 : Posters & Legends interview

Posters & Legends russian print store published an interview with me:

On their website you can also buy fine art prints, including some of my photos too.

2017/12/16 : Versus dar impreuna

Last weekend I participated with my "Monochrome Landscapes" series at a photo event "Versus dar impreuna" from Negresti-Oas, Romania. This was the 4th exposition of my black-and-white fine art prints. The event unified many different photographers from different corners of Romania.

2017/10/22 : Paris Salon de la Photo 2017

Terra Quantum selected seven photographs to display at Paris Salon de la Photo 2017, one of them is my photo "Thin air". Thank you very much, Terra Quantum, it is a big honour for me!

2017/10/13 : Photographize publication

Five of my pictures have been published by Photographize magazine, a curated online gallery. As their original website will be available only next year, meanwhile their Facebook page is functional:

2017/09/11 : New publications

More of my photographs got published on TerraQuantum and 1X:

I also posted in 35photo, a great photography community with good quality photos (both artistically and image quality):

From now you can find my photos at Oneeyeland, also a great platform:

2017/07/10 : Monochrome Landscapes #3

My "Monochrome Landscapes" series were exposed for the third time last weekend in Zauan, Salaj County.

2017/04/24 : DSD Interview

I got interviewed by Romanian travel and photography bloggers "Drumeti si drumetii". The artricle is written in romanian language:

2017/03/31 : The Mountain

Between 23-30 January three of my photographs were exposed in a group exposition of the Forona Association called "Muntele" (The Mountain). It was an open air nature photo exposition in the city centre of Brasov. Thanks, Forona!

2017/03/31 : Publications

Several more images of mine were published on 1X and Terra Quantum. The latter even put one of my photos on the cover of their home page. Here are the links:

2016/11/02 : Monochrome Landscapes #2

The printed pictures of my "Monochrome Landscapes" series are mounted now in Brasov city. The exposition can be visited for free from today until the 30th November. Details: Okian Library, Str. Muresenilor, Nr. 1, Brasov city; M-F 12.00-20.00, and Saturday 11.00-19.00.

2016/10/24 : Elements 6

My prints of the "Elements" series exposed for the 6th time in Nusfalau, Salaj county.

2016/09/12 : Elements 5

My printed series "Elements" was exposed for the fifth time this September, this time in my home village, Boghis, Salaj county, Romania.

2016/09/12 : High Tatras

My first trip to the High Tatras of Slovakia was very successful for me, so it seems I discovered a new favourite place to photograph, many more pictures will follow in the future.

2016/05/05 : Monochrome landscapes

My third individual exposition project is called "Monochrome landscapes". The first exposition will be in Cluj Napoca city, between 18-22 May by the occasion of the Photo Romania Festival 2016. The pictures are essentially my black and white landscapes from the website folder of the same title.

2016/04/12 : Elements 4

The pictures from my "Elements" series are now exposed for the fourth time. This time in Zauan village, SJ, Romania.

2015/11/25 : Caucasus

In September I visited an interesting place which was really new to me, the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. In the "new work" section of this website you can find a selection of photographs taken here, as well as my other photos from this autumn.

2015/06/25 : Pentaprism

Some of my photographs got published on Pentaprism, an online fine art photo page which became really good lately. More to come, I hope. Here is the link:

2015/06/25 : Terra Quantum

I am proud to announce that I was invited to contribute to the newly developed nature and landscape photography website, Terra Quantum. Two of my photographs are already published, and more to come.

2015/05/27 : Fifty/Fifty

Fifty/Fifty is a collective photography project I made with my friend, Simay Zsolt. The first exhibition was last year at Cluj-Napoca city, Romania within the Photo Romania Festival. The second edition was opened yesterday at Carei, Romania. My part of the material is mostly the pictures from my "graphic & minimal" folder.

2015/04/01 : Foto4All publication!

 FOTO4ALL magazine just published an interview and some portfolio images of mine. This latest issue can be downloaded here:

2015/02/08 : Memorial Maria Luisa

One of my photos was mentioned as "Highly Commended" in the Memorial Maria Luisa international photo contest. This is one of my favorite photos, which I use to entitle "Ice and Fire".

2015/01/14 : 2014

From photographic point of view, 2014 was the least successful year for me. Out of 18 photo trips I was not lucky enough to catch some spectacular weather or light conditions, not even once. In these conditions, I was not able to make the kind of photos I like the best, but I was motivated to try several different things instead. I used the telephoto lens more often, and did some abstract stuff, trying to add variety to my portfolio. In the end, I managed to take some photos which I like a lot. I also spend many time to select and arrange my portfolio, I re-processed many older photos instead of the new, and improved my processing skills.

Thank you for your time and wish you a Happy New Year!

2014/03/25 : 1X

From now on, you can also find my portfolio at

2014/03/18 : LPM Big Free Edition

My previous Landscape Photography Magazine article now is included in "The Big Free Edition", which is available for free download. It's interesting that I found it quite today, on my birthday :)

2013/12/03 : Artfreelance

Artfreelance has published today a photo of mine, which is the 30th entering their curated gallery . Feeling honoured, thanks to the Editorial Stuff.

2013/10/30 :

From now on, you can buy wallpapers, prints on paper, and prints on PVC support with some of my photos, not only from here, but also from the website below:

Note: the posters and PVC prints are available only inside France.

2013/09/01 : Artfreelance

More of my photos got published on Artfreelance. You can find my portofolio here:

2013/08/19 : Toledo Museum of Art

I am very happy to announce that one of my photos was included in the collection of Toledo Museum of Art. It is a black and white winter minimal photo, (the 7th in the "graphic & minimal" folder), printed on Hahnemuhle paper, in 80x50 cm size. The fine art print was bought by a client of mine, and donated to the Museum (thank you, Walter MacDonald!).

2013/07/04 : LPM publication

Landscape Photography Magazine published an article with my portfolio, Issue no. 29 (july 2013). Here is the link (unfortunately for subscribers only):

2013/06/24 : Artfreelance

Fine art photo site Artfreelance published my portfolio, now you can find my photos here too:

2013/02/22 : News

Today I finished to update the website. From now on you can enjoy my photos in a generous size and resolution, as you probably don't see often elsewhere on the web. If you have a lower resolution monitor or notebook, you have to click on "enlarge image size".

2013/02/19 : Changes

It's time for some changes in this website. Don't be surprised if you see some weird things here in the next few days, because the site will be under construction. I try to finish it until this weekend. In return, you will find some pleasant surprises in the end.

2013/01/07 : Hellas Direct

One of my photos are included in the slideshow on the front page of Hellas Direct insurance company. Check out, it is the second one:

2012/12/20 : Elements 3

The 3rd stage of my photo exposition called "Elements" was at G. Cafe Targu Mures, Romania. The pictures will be there until the middle of January.

2012/12/20 : Interview

An interview about me and my photography was published in an online newspaper, based in Targu Mures. The article is written in hungarian language and you can find it here:

2012/11/07 : Photo contest

I'm glad to announce that one of my photos turn out to be the winner at Yen Baet's photo contest called " My World In Blue". The same photo won the Grand Prize and the People's Choice Prize. You can find the winner photo in my "mountain visions" folder, it's the first image there. I am really happy because it was a tough competition, and the subject of the contest was one of my favorite: the blue hour.

2012/10/25 : Elements 2

The second stage of the photo exposition tour called "Elements" was in Zalau city, Romania, at 19. 10. 2012. It was a nice opening with many people, interested about my photography.

2012/05/22 : Elements

The first station of my expositions called "Elements" was last weekend in Cluj Napoca city. 

2012/05/10 : Photo Romania Festival

Photo Romania Festival will take place in Cluj Napoca city, Romania, between may 18 - june 17, 2012, and i will take an active part in it, with an exposition, and with a workshop.

 The exposition "Elements" represents 16 photos of mine, the best ones i believe, photos which are probably known from this website. The fine art prints are 90x60 cm large, and an impressive quality, printed with the latest Epson technology on Hahnemuhle paper. It will take place in the "Central" store of Cluj Napoca, 4th floor (Str. Regele Ferdinand nr. 22-26). Opening at 19 may, 17.00 o'clock.

 The workshop will be made together with my friend, Simay Zsolt, about landscape photography, especially the importance of light, and the processing of the images, the techniques we use. Location and date: Bastionul Croitorilor, Str. Baba Novac, Cluj Napoca, Sunday, may 27, 10.00.

More details at

2012/04/13 : UPM publication

A ten page article with my photos got published in the Ukrainian Photographer magazine (jan-feb 2012).

2012/03/19 : Purephoto

A few of my images are available for sale at:

coming soon with more.

2011/07/28 : Welcome!

It's finally ready! I am very happy to launch my website. Have a good time by viewing my photos.