I am a landscape photographer from Romania. Since my childhood I was always attracted by images, but in the end my passion for mountains and wilderness played an important role in becoming a photographer. I never really learned photography, only by viewing others' photos and by a lot of practicing. I started successive, but more seriously from 2003. The art of  J.R.R. Tolkien and Marc Adamus are the greatest inspiration for me. 


The purpose of this website is to offer a visual journey, to give the viewers the possibility to see with my eyes. It is not among my main goals to show the beauty of nature, but my impressions about it.

We live in the era of photography, when everybody have a camera (or a phone) and can take photos. But unfortunately, the appreciation of a photograph is mostly based on its subject-matter. In landscape photography this tendency leads to the conviction that travelling to million times photographed, iconic places is the only way to take good pictures. As against these trends I try to emphasise on the creative part of landscape photography, considering that the biggest value of a photograph is the author's approach, the way it was photographed, not the subject itself. I photograph mostly in the mountains of my country, and try to make photos with similar visual impact as the ones taken in the famous places of the world. This is extremely difficult and challenging, because our Carpathians are comparatively less spectacular.

I approach landscape photography as a creative art form. For me photography is all about the way of transmitting a vision, an impression, and not about the strict reality. So, in fine art photography only the final result is important, not the way it was achieved, nor the amount of post-processing in it. I believe that for an exquisite photograph we need very special light conditions, but unfortunately current cameras are not capable to reproduce them, so the un-processed images are not even close to what the human eye are capable to see. The difference is even bigger if the goal is to convey that impression the scenery left in my mind in the magic moment. This is how post-processing become absolute indispensable. And even if there are small differences between the reality and the final image, none of these are a byproduct of post-processing, but the result of a conscious and coherent work. Anyway, there is no such thing as "unprocessed image", it's an illusion, because every photograph, analog or digital, before arriving to the viewer, goes through several processing methods like: film developing, darkroom adjustments, in-camera softwares. Post-processing is not any more "malefic" than any of these. In my opinion selective tone and colour adjustments doesn't mean manipulation. On the other hand, images with addition of non-existing major elements or composites from different images can not be considered as photographs in my opinion.


These photos were taken from 2008 until now, they are the result of thirteen years' intensive work. In this period and earlier, I accumulated many photos, but here I strive to show only the most representative and the very best of them.

In the "new work" folder you can always find my new photos, usually not older than 4-5 months. The other seven folders are my actual portfolio, selected and rearranged, always up to date. My personal favourite is the "mountain visions" folder, which I consider the most representative for my photography, my main direction. 

I don't give titles nor descriptions to my photos, because I believe if an image is good, than it will communicate to the viewer visually, without any word.